I hate art galleries

Art is something that should be a part of our lives. When it gets separated out into a different physical location it develops a different context. We need to be able to bring back into our daily lives and thoughts and that’s difficult to do if we have art-based experiences solely in art galleries. We should be experiencing art in what we do on a regular basis, when we work, shop, see friends and do the washing up. Even a sculpture in a shopping centre is too separate and distinct. It requires that you cease shopping, regard the sculpture then return to shopping. The shelves and products themselves should be art. There should be no escape from it.

Worse are the white walls of art galleries that give a supposed neutrality to the room to allow you to view the walls in isolation. They do nothing but scream ‘you are in an art gallery’ loud enough to perforate your eardrums. The walls are so white in the Saatchi gallery that I was snow blind after spending a few hours inside. There be can no lack of context. Everything is contextual.