Consider yourself a play

Consider yourself a play. A person of many voices. Identity and paradigms are funny things. For some reason we assume we have to have a single one of each. One way to be and to express ourselves, and another to understand the world. Understand the artificiality of a knowable self, embrace cognitive dissonance and liberate yourself from the complications of linearity and coherence. Take yourself out of your niche and take on a number of different roles ad hoc at will.

A play has acts, don’t be afraid to pretend. It doesn’t have to have a message, but sometimes the purpose of its statements that develop, the characters that enter, are to elucidate a message, to prompt a reflection in the mind of the audience. Do the same and abandon honesty.

Walk in different ways, talk in alternating tones, become a new character each day, each moment during conversation. Express two directly contradictory opinions in sequence without apology. Act as a series of incommensurable persons and close the rift between souls.

Above all, refuse to be who you are.