The future of the world

I’d like to tell you about the future. It may be a departure from the imaginations you’ve been exposed to previously. Ever since the enlightenment science has been the bedrock of our understanding of the world, replacing religion and myth as the dominant form of knowing.

Like the stone steps worn away by curious flip-flops at your local ancient monument, all things fade into the constituent components from which they were made. These particles float into distant realms and return fully formed into crystals of novelty.

As well as positivism has treated us so far it will soon be time for it to decline. The concerns of life are becoming less about supporting it and more about enhancement. The pleasure of consciousness is found in fleeting moments and rarely can the memory that succeeds suffice.

Semiconductors provide a substrate to build upon and allow life to blossom. When the logical mundanities of life are dealt with we can begin to do something sensible. Virtual reality excepts the need for physics and philosophy. The need for understanding disappears and what becomes important is the richness of experience produced.

The best moments are those that don’t make sense on paper. The best people are those who can’t be confined to the strictures of a curriculum vitae.